Experienced CEOs, COOs, CFOs, & strategy executives to guide your business through any crisis.

    Jessica Davidoff

    Founder & CEO

    Three-time founder and experienced turnaround CEO, Jess' nickname is "The Wolf". If you've seen Pulp Fiction - you'll know why!



    Danielle Axman

    Experienced COO

    The first employee at BABE and former Chief of Staff to Soulcycle Founders, Danielle will make you wonder why she's not on tour with Beyonce if you ever catch her on the dance floor.

    Edwin Brondo

    Experienced CFO, CPA

    Former executive at Goldman Sachs, experienced CFO, Controller, and CPA for hundreds of startups and small businesses, Ed is also a scratch golfer.


    Jenna Rodrigues

    COO | Data & Insights 

    Former Founder of conscious fashion startup, current PhD candidate in Management, Jenna can also be found acting on Law & Order SVU.



    Doug Rudin

    Growth Marketing

    A wizard with performance marketing on Google, Facebook, and Insta, Doug is also a dad to a 2020 Leap Year Baby (and his older brother Jack)!

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