• Profitability Roadmapping & Crisis Recovery


    We are a team of "wartime" CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and strategy executives with decades of experience leading companies through crises. We will work with you and your executive team to get through this unprecedented but beatable crisis and will create a profitability roadmap to get your company on track for sustainable, long-term growth. We can then assist with the execution of our roadmaps with our Outsourced Chief of Staff service. Our team will meet with you on a weekly basis to adjust our assumptions and update the plans with real-time data and will assist with any further issues that may arise as well as help with executing the plan.


    We will customize a plan depending on your current team's needs and bandwidth.


    The Deep Dive

    Our team will conduct an initial audit to create a "whole of business" analysis of where this crisis has left your company and what was on your roadmap for 2020.


    Holistic Finance

    We will then do a contribution margin break down of your current sales channels and will recalibrate a 3-9 month financial plan including short term financing, renegotiation of AP, and zero-base budgeting.


    Profitability Roadmap

    We'll then create an operational roadmap for you and your team to put you on a path towards profitability and sustainable growth which will include product differentiation, SKU rationalization, vendor replacements, cost cutting, and organizational restructuring.


    Implementation & Accountability Assistance

    Our team will work with you on a weekly basis to update the roadmap in real time to adjust all assumptions and projections with actuals and will amend the forward looking plan accordingly.

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