• Sprezzatura

    (n.) meticulously planned effortlessness; studied nonchalance



  • Our Philosophy

    Founded by serial entrepreneur, Jessica Davidoff, Sprezzatura is an agency designed to help Founders be better business leaders. After founding three companies, we realized that successful growth requires detailed, cohesive planning among all teams at a company and founded Sprezzatura to share our learnings, plans, calendars, and methods with other CEOs and Founders to help them better execute from launch to exit.




    How We Work


    The Deep Dive

    Over 1-3 days, one of our coaches will conduct a 151-point audit of all of the processes of your company to provide you with a customized diagnostic and full analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


    The Plans

    Based on your Deep Dive Diagnostic, we'll create tailored plans for growth including a business plan/fundraising deck, hiring plan, operating plan, and 3-5 year projections.


    Ongoing Advising

    Our team sits on the Advisory Boards and acts as an informal advisors of several companies. We meet with founders on a monthly basis and will get our hands dirty to help companies hit even their most ambitious growth targets.

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